Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2018-02-10T06:44:24+00:00
How Much Do You Charge?2018-02-07T14:19:22+00:00

Put simply, it depends… Not helpful we know but it varies according to the venue, duration of sets, distance traveled and time spent at the venue. Please email No Mans Band for a quote.

We always include our PA and lighting equipment in our fee. We also have an extensive digital music collection and are happy to play appropriate music whilst we are not on stage.

How Do I Book NoMansBand?2018-02-10T06:42:35+00:00

Go to the NoMansBand Contact Page and send us a message. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with our availability.

What Are Your Performance Requirements?2018-02-07T14:22:01+00:00

NoMasBand can perform indoors or outdoors, with staging or without, however, we do require all equipment to be off the ground on a level and secure floor. To perform comfortably we require an area at least 4m by 3m although we have managed to squeeze into smaller areas. A room for the band to change/wait in and to store equipment cases is helpful.

We require at least two electrical sockets delivering 13A each to which we attach extension leads We prefer not to plug our equipment into a power generator UNLESS it is specifically designed for regulated power. It is the responsibility of the client/venue to ensure that it is of sufficient rating (and has sufficient cables and adapters) to power the band safely without the risk of overload. All our mains equipment is regularly PAT tested and PAT labels are clearly visible for checking.

The provision of food & beverages during the event is always be greatly appreciated, but not necessary.

Can You Provide Background / Dancing Music?2018-02-07T14:22:41+00:00

The band have an extensive digital music collection and can provide a traditional party DJ experience before, after and between the sets, if required, using our PA and lighting too. We have also worked with professional DJs previously and can put you in touch with our preferred DJ. Please let us know your needs when booking.

How Long Do You Play For?2018-02-08T21:46:49+00:00

We can fit in with your requirements and needs for your function or event. For example we can perform 2 sets of 1 hour with a break, or 3 sets of 45 minutes with two breaks, but we can tailor this to suit your requirements. We also have an extensive digital music collection which can play through our PA system whilst we’re off-stage and before and after the band’s performance. Longer performances can be arranged with plenty of notice.

How Long Do You Need To Pack Up?2018-02-08T21:47:43+00:00

NoMansBand require an around an hour to dismantle and pack up all of the equipment. This should be considered within the venue hire times.

How Much Space Do You Need?2018-02-09T07:35:50+00:00

To perform comfortably NoMansBand require an area at least 4m by 3m although we have managed to squeeze into smaller areas.

Here’s a sketch of a typical setup.

How Long Do You Need To Set Up?2018-02-08T21:52:47+00:00

It take NoMansBand around 60 minutes to set up and sound-check, less if no or the house lighting is to be used.

We do recommended that, if you are having a party that we set up and get sound-checked before any guests arrive as levels can become quite loud to find the correct balance.

What Sort Of Places Have You Played At?2018-02-08T21:54:01+00:00

NoMansBand have performed at a wide variety of venues from pubs, clubs, churches, marquees and open air events.

We have our own performance tent which is 4.5m x 3m that we can use for outdoor events too.

Can You Provide Microphones For Announcements or Speeches?2018-02-08T21:56:09+00:00

Yes of course, we can provide a wireless microphone for you to use through our PA. Please make sure you let us know that you need one in advance, and also please bear in mind that we would need to be set up in order for you to use it.

Can You Play Song Requests?2018-02-10T06:41:29+00:00

We are a live band and spend a lot of time honing our song set to provide you with the best possible entertainment and as such, song requests can be difficult. Having said that, given enough time, we will consider song requests. We can play first dances at your wedding, again if appropriate, and have in the past played entrance and exit music for weddings. All that we ask is that we have at least two months notice to prepare.

Have a look at our set list to see the songs we regularly play. If there are any on there that you would prefer us not to play at your event or function, please let us know and we’ll be happy to tailor our set for you. You can see the No Mans Band set list here.

Can I see the band before booking?2018-02-08T22:04:06+00:00

Yes, have a look at our gig page for any public events we are playing at and come along, feel free to have a chat to us as when we’re not playing. We encourage you to attend any of the public booked gigs to make sure we’re suitable for your event.The NoMansBand Gig Page is here.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?2018-02-08T22:05:13+00:00

In the event of a cancellation we seek full payment if given less than 4 weeks notice, and deposits will only be returned if given 4 months notice.

Do You Have Public Liability Insurance (PLI)2018-02-10T18:52:29+00:00

Yes, NoMansBand are covered by AMPBand, our membership number is 9SS82760PJ050594J and you can view our PLI certificate here